Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Per usual, I have been trend researching on my spare time. When I checked out UO's newest dresses, I came across a dress that looked quite familiar. This dress is quite similar to the ASOS dress I presented on my most recent post. Both dresses end up being about the same price in USD but I think that they kind of overwhelm the idea of fast fashion. Fast fashion is just trying to keep up with the Designer and Better brands, but when all of these moderately priced lines have the same dress with the same print, it becomes played out- just like a new song on the radio. I guess the idea of 'originality' when it comes to fast fashion is: who can be faster at copying? ... and then faster at playing out the new style? 
Urban Outfitters (above) VS. ASOS:

This summer I am going to start silk screening again. I'm really excited and also kind of annoyed that these tribal prints are becoming so popular lately. These are the types of prints I have been doodling for years and now they are fashionable? I will also be taking a course at FIT that concentrates on CAD in pattern-making. It will be really interesting, in terms of the change of atmosphere. Printmaking in the studio in Italy was so inspiring. It was in this old building built during the high renaissance, yet hidden in a small courtyard covered with beds of exotic flowers. While inside the studio, the ceiling was made out of windows. It was really cool because you would look up and see stray kittens walking across or laying down catching some rays. Overall, it was a really secluded and a secretive treasure in the middle of Florence (Which kind of defines what makes Italy so special). It was really inspiring to collect your creative thoughts in that area and I am excited for the change of atmosphere when taking courses at FIT. A new type of inspiration based on the environment, but taking a few little pieces of Italian inspiration/influence, to make it something of my own.